My Nature Friends

My Nature Friends


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My Nature Friends is a superbly illustrated A-Z alphabet book, all about stimulating imagination, inspiring learning and encouraging a lifelong thirst for natural knowledge in 5-10 year old boys and girls.


Inside, there is stacks to do. Enchanting rhymes, sprightly Illustrations to be coloured in, and a splendid, interactive, ‘Field Note’ section for those discoveries your child makes while out-and-about. Parents will encounter all sorts of crazy animals they can learn about too!


A charming addition to your child’s library, My Nature Friends is full of ingenious fun and will provide hours and hours of amusement for the whole family.


I is for Iguana

I is for iguana feasting on a ripe banana.





CECILIA SPARK brought to life!

Made by Little Sugar Plums

Little Sugar Plums


Event Anouncement

World Book Day


Cecilia Spark, Soldier the Mouse and Ngaire Elder will be celebrating World Book Day 2014 with the pupils of St Anthony's College, Mijas, Spain. Updates to follow.